Life Lessons from My Old Heroes

By Perry Higman, Photos by Laurie Lyon 


I'd like to share some personal comments about the men I wrote about in this story published in 3rdActMagazine's Summer 2017 issue.  (See link below for full story.)

Deb Copenhaver has become a second father to me.  I am working on new project with him now.  Stay in touch with as Laurie and I finalize our story on the world-famous bucking horse Badger Mountain - originally from the Willms  Ranch near Waterville, WA.

This Spring Laurie and I are following Hershel McGriff's quest to be the older over to qualify and race in a NASCAR national event.  This is not a stunt.  He loves racing and qualified and raced at Sonoma in a NASCAR Pro Series races in 2013.  Hershel McGriff finished 16 out of 32 on the lead lap in an older car in a very strong field.  He won in Winston West in his 60's.  This project is to celebrate his 90th birthday! Go Hershel!

Mira Slovak passed away in 2014.  Famous in so many ways - a celebrated defector from Czechoslovakia in 1953; Bill Boeing Jr's private pilot; world champion air racer; world champion hydroplane driver; international pilot for Continental Airlines -- yet a humble, helpful, friendly man with time to hangout with an admiring writer like me. 


Life Lessons from my old Heroes  - by Perry Higman, photos by Laurie Higman 

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